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High quality Web Design, Digital Marketing and all the back-end, made easy

Full service digital agency based in Southampton.

From front-end to back-end, we have you covered with one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

L.O. Venture og Erhverv
AO Photography
Bluetree Recruits
L.O. Venture og Erhverv
Wishbone Words
Slagelse Engineering
Wishbone Words
Advokat CSR
Wishbone Words
AO Photography
L.O. Venture og Erhverv
AO Photography
Holistic Digital Agency

Fast WordPress Web Design that converts, engaging Marketing and strong SEO

We help business and charities of all sizes reach a broad audience and get the best return on their investment.

Our websites are easy to manage on your own, or we can handle maintenance and content updates for you whenever you would like.

Our Web Design services

Slagelse Engineering has chosen to have all our IT administration managed by Northrook.

Super fast and professional help, whether it is challenges with setting up IT, or preparing a new website.

Warmest recommendation from here.

Casper Berg
Casper Berg Founder, Slagelse Engineering
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Conversion focused

Objective focused designs guides your visitors where you want them

Get higher conversions, whether it be contact form, user engagement, direct to sales and anything in-between, we help your visitors find their way.
Responsive, of course

All our websites are natively responsive, nothing else makes any sense

You won't ever have to worry about responsive design, it's a foundational part of our web design and we ensure full comparability with all modern devices.
Charity or start-up?

We love giving back, rebate programmes available

If you are a charity doing wonderful things to help humanity, or a small start-up within your first year of operation, get in touch.

You may be eligible for discounts from 15% to as much as 100%.

Contact us to apply for a rebate
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About us

Northrook is a small team of dedicated professionals with passion and experience

Based out of Southampton on the south coast of England, we help businesses improve their online presence and increase conversions, whether that be leads, exposure direct sales.

We believe that doing business is a partnership

We value honestly and transparency above all else, and we stand behind the products and services we deliver.

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