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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens to my hosting if I cancel my AfterCare agreement?

If you still want to host with us, you will just be billed the cost of your hosting.

Is my new website GDPR compliant?

Yes, of course it is. We ensure all our websites are fully compliant with GDPR.

How long does it take to get to page one on Google?

This depends on a lot of variables. For the most part it depends on competition, if you are in a field that has a lot of very big competitors it might be difficult but not impossible, but there's a reason we set an 18 month goal for any SEO project.
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That depends on a lot of factors. Charities typically receive somewhere between 25% and 100% rebate on the website itself, with free Business Hosting. SEO and marketing efforts are capped at 50%, as they can be labour intensive over a long time. The cost of Ads will always have to be covered by the charity in full.
That is entirely on a case-by-case basis, at our discretion. We offer rebated services to help out those in need. As an example, if you are a major charity with millions of pounds in turnover, we are less likely to offer a 100% rebate. For start-ups, we're far more likely to offer rebates to small, local operations, as compared to a new branch of a major organisation.
Charities, both registered and not, along with newly started businesses.
We include several Premium Plugins as standard.
What is included:
  • Creating new content
  • Editing content
  • Updating content
  • Updating WordPress and backend
  • Speed and performance optimisation
What is not included:
  • Advanced SEO services like
    • Keyword Analyssis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Monthly reports
  • Marketing services like Pay Per Click advertisement and copy writing.
If you want more pages than we have listed in packages, not to worry, we'll factor it into your quote. If you want more pages after the fact, these will be billed as ad-hoc hours or as part of your AfterCare plan. We cannot offer a fixed price for subpages, as pages vary a lot in content and features. Price estimates and quites will always be provided before we start working.

Yes it is.

We stand by the quality of our server stack. Our uptime agreement entitles you to claim back a percentage of the cost of your hosting, should the annual uptime fall below 99.9%. Any work hours that may be required to remedy the situation on our end is also free of charge to you. We haven't had any such situations to date.
Fail-over is a term used for services (in this case website server hosting) that have at least one duplicate running, ready to assume all work should the currently used one fail. Basically, it means that we'll run at least one additional server with your content, providing you both with extra resources, load-balancing, and in case one should fail, the other(s) will take over. All servers in a fail-over configuration also have fail-over in their networking stack, so even in the event of a failure further up the chain, your website still remains fully functional while the techies fix the issue.
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Essentially it means having a cut of one or more extremely powerful servers. The wonderful part is that you can scale how big your cut of the server power is, adding more power as needed. This gives you the flexibility to have the power when you need to, without spending throusands of pounds on dedicated hardware unless you absolutely need to.
Nobody can really guanratee anything in life, especially when it comes to search engines, but we are very confident in our work and the results they provide. During the onboarding process, before any paperwork is signed, we can agree on certain keywords we are confident we can get you to rank on within a certain time frame. Typical time frames are 9-12 months, and we can only guarantee one search engine at a time, most commonly Google Search.
If your website requires more than the included storage, we can of course increase it to whatever you require. Depending on what content you need to deliver, we may choose to offload to bulk storage or a CDN for the best performance. We do pricing on a case by case basis, as some sites have static content that just takes up a lot of space yet we know the realistic maximum size (think product photography or videos) while others have storage requirements that need to scale with content (think blogs with lots of video and images, or websites that allow users to upload content).
If you still want to host with us, you will just be billed the cost of your hosting.
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