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Fast VPS


ex VAT / monthly
Designed for marketing websites and low-volume eCommerce.
2 dedicated processing cores
2GB DDR4 memory
10GB SSD storage included
Unlimited bandwidth
Advanced VPS with failover

Business Pro

ex VAT / monthly
Built for high-traffic websites and eCommerce platforms. Includes fail-over.
On-demand self-scaling processing
8GB DDR4 memory
10GB NVMe storage included
Unlimited bandwidth
Dedicated hardware

Custom servers

When you need as much power as possible.
Large-scale sites and eCommerce.
Up to 40 cores per node
Up to 512GB DDR4 memory per node
Up to 8TB SSD storage per node
From 1TB/month to unlimited bandwidth
The backbone of your website

Elevate your website to new heights with a fast and reliable host

Your host and the quality of their servers is a massive factor when it comes to the speed of your website.

We offer market-leading hosting solutions to businesses and charities, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of our comprehensive AfterCare plans.

Secure Sockets Layer

Free SSL certificate included

Powered by LetsEncrypt, all our hosting tiers provide a free, automatically renewing full-domain 256-bit encrypted certificate.

This ensures all traffic is routed safely and securely, and you won't have to worry about your certificate expiring

Web Application Firewall

DDoS and malware protection

All our hosting tiers come with enterprise-grade DDoS protection and advanced intrusion prevention and server-side antivirus.

We provide two-factor authentication for our hosting and all WordPress websites we build.

Daily off-site backup

Fully automatic and manual snapshots,
all with completely granular restoration

Our servers automatically backs up all your data on a daily basis, with a 30 day retention period and stored stored off-site.

In addition, we offer specialist incremental WordPress backup through our AfterCare plans.

Decorative. A server rack.
Bundled with AfterCare

Hosting is included with our Business and Business Pro AfterCare plans

AfterCare Business and Business Pro plans come bundled with hosting.

You won't have to worry about managing your website or hosting solution, and we'll always ensure you have more than enough power to spare.

Get a worry-free complete solution.

Read about our AfterCare plans
Illustrative. Servers providing free hosting to woman sitting on a box representing gifts to the world.
Giving back

Charities get hosting on us

If you are a charity doing wonderful things to help humanity, get in touch.

We offer free VPS hosting to all registered charities, whether or not you have a site built by us.

Frequently asked questions

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Is there a commitment period?

You have a three month cancellation notice.

What happens to saved up hours if I choose to end my AfterCare plan?

As a general rule, they would be forfeit. If you are thinking about ending your AfterCare plan, please get in touch so we can plan a soft exit, and find a productive way to spend any saved up ad-hoc hours.

What happens to unused AfterCare support hours?

They're automatically saved up for next month, in 15 minute increments, to a total maximum of 24 hours.

Will we enter into a Service-level agreement?

Yes, we will both enter into a SLA (service-level agreement).

This will outline our commitments to you, and exactly what levels of service you will be entitled to.

Can you help me with backups?

Yes, depending on your AfterCare plan, or if you don't have one the price might differ.

Daily backups are included with our Hosting services.

Incremental and second-layer backups are included in AfterCare Business and Advanced.

Can you add new content for me?

We can, however, the pricing might differ, you can pay our hourly rate, or you can subscribe to one of our AfterCare plans.

Can you maintain the site for me?

Yes, we can handle anything from updates, content management, to writing if your need it. You might want to have a look at our aftercare plans.

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