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Bluetree Recruits

A bespoke job portal for the Guildford based recruitment firm Bluetree, uniting their quirky and unique approach to job seeking: the missing human link.

A quirky and unique recruitment firm with a dedication to personally tending to everybody

Bluetree truly stands out among recruiters, as they handle each and every single applicant personally, by hand.

They needed a website that not only offered an easy to navigate and approachable design, but also one that captured their bold colours and personality.

Font Pairing

Roboto Slab is a sans serif typeface, with a professionalism and a playful touch.

Roboto is a perfect match, used for all body text, offering high legibility on all display sizes.

Heading Font
Roboto Slab
Body Font
A screenshot of as viewed on a desktop computer.A screenshot of as viewed on a desktop computer.
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