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L.O. Venture & Erhverv

Portfolio website for the Danish entrepreneur Lars Olofsson.

Building a flexible portfolio, tailored to Lars' needs

Lars approached us to have his portfolio completely overhauled, having two primary needs; an easy and straight-forward way to communicate his current ventures, and a way to list his speciality wine collection.

Taking strong notes from two previous projects with us, Biograin and Rent a Cow, we incorporated similar design elements, while keeping it distinct.

A simple, searchable and filterable list handles his wine collection, with easy updating from an external excel sheet, and his ventures are prominently displayed on the home page.

Font Pairing

Montserrat is a geometric sans-serif typeface, we chose it for its high legibility and professionalism.

The font is used for both Headings and Body text, in various weights.

Heading Font
Body Font
A screenshot of as viewed on a desktop computer.A screenshot of as viewed on a desktop computer.
A screenshot of as viewed on a mobile phone.

Bold, fast and down to earth

We crafted a website that adheres to the shared brand identity across Lars' ventures, and a site that loads fast, despite a total payload of almost 2.6MB.

Largest Contentful Paint
Total Blocking Time
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