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Only use this service when advised to.

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Installing this tool will grant us access to remotely connect to your computer.
Only make use of this service when directly advised to by Northrook.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Like everything else in life, websites need a little looking after.



ex VAT / monthly
Designed for marketing websites and low-volume eCommerce.
Updates to WordPress and Plugins
Access to Premium Plugins
Security Management
Telephone and e-mail support
10% rebates on ad-hoc hours
Growing sites


ex VAT / monthly
Built for high traffic websites and eCommerce platforms.
Everything from Essentials
One ad-hoc hour included per month
Additional WordPress back-up
Fast VPS Hosting included
15% rebates on ad-hoc hours
eCommerce and multiple websites

Business Pro

ex VAT / monthly
Built for high traffic websites and eCommerce platforms.
Everything from Business
Two ad-hoc hours included per month
Support for eCommerce platforms
One plan, multiple websites
20% rebate on ad-hoc hours
AfterCare gives you peace of mind

We offer AfterCare to easily keep your website maintained and grow steadily

AfterCare ensures that your website runs smoothly, and you can plan for the future with included ad-hoc hours that can be used for new pages, content, support and more.

Don't worry, unspent hours roll over to the next month, up to a maximum of 24 in total.

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We keep your website safe and secure


Our AfterCare plans include advanced security, with full support for two-factor authentication (2FA), access auditing and persistant anti-malware and threat monitoring.

Help at the ready

Technical support

Whether you need to update the content on your site, publish a new blog post, got an immediate problem or just have a question, you'll enjoy priority support from us.

Planning for the future

Ongoing development

We're here to ensure that your website is a lasting investment.

With AfterCare, we're an active part of your websites ongoing features and development, we'll help you build and expand.

Ad-hoc support

Here to help, whether you have an AfterCare plan or not

We offer ad-hoc work for support, content updates and anything you need.

If you need lots of work done, it could be very beneficial to sign onto an AfterCare plan, even for a short while!

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per hour, ex VAT
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A complete solution

Hosting is included in our Business and Business Pro AfterCare plans

AfterCare Business and Business Pro plans come bundled with Fast VPS and Advanced VPS hosting respectively.

You won't have to worry about managing your website or hosting solution, and we'll always ensure you have more than enough power to spare.

Get a worry-free complete solution.

See our Hosting solutions
Giving Back

Got a question?

You may find the answer in our FAQ.

Here are the ones for AfterCare.

Our FAQ centre

We include several Premium Plugins as standard.

You have a three month cancellation notice.

As a general rule, they would be forfeit. If you are thinking about ending your AfterCare plan, please get in touch so we can plan a soft exit, and find a productive way to spend any saved up ad-hoc hours.

They're automatically saved up for next month, in 15 minute increments, to a total maximum of 24 hours.

Yes, we will both enter into a SLA (service-level agreement).

This will outline our commitments to you, and exactly what levels of service you will be entitled to.

We can, however, the pricing might differ, you can pay our hourly rate, or you can subscribe to one of our AfterCare plans.

Yes, we can handle anything from updates, content management, to writing if your need it. You might want to have a look at our aftercare plans.

Daily backups are included with our Hosting services.

Incremental and second-layer backups are included with AfterCare Essentials and above.

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