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Fast, Reliable and Scalable Business Hosting

Scalable VPS and dedicated hosting solutions.

99.9%+ up-time guarantee.

Fast VPS


ex VAT / monthly
Designed for marketing websites and low-volume eCommerce.
2 dedicated processing cores
2GB DDR4 memory
10GB SSD storage included
Unlimited bandwidth
Advanced VPS

Business Pro

ex VAT / monthly
Built for high traffic websites and eCommerce platforms.
4 to 12 dedicated processing cores
4 to 12GB DDR4 memory
From 50GB NVMe storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Scalable Cloud & Dedicated Hardware

Custom Servers

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Large-scale sites and eCommerce.
Up to 40 cores per node
Up to 512GB DDR4 memory per node
Up to 8TB tiered storage per node
1TB/month to unlimited bandwidth
The backbone of your website

Elevate your website to new heights with a fast and reliable host

Your host and the quality of their servers is a massive factor when it comes to the speed of your website.

We offer market-leading hosting solutions to businesses and charities, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of our comprehensive AfterCare plans.

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Decorative. A server rack.
Secure Connection

Free SSL certificate included

Your choice of LetsEncrypt or Cloudflare, all our hosting tiers provide a free, automatically renewing full-domain 256-bit encrypted certificate.

This ensures all traffic is routed safely and securely, and you won't have to worry about your certificate expiring

Web Application Firewall

DDoS and malware protection

All our hosting tiers come with enterprise-grade DDoS protection and advanced intrusion prevention and server-side antivirus.

We provide two-factor authentication for our hosting and all WordPress websites we build.

Daily off-site backup

Fully automatic and manual backup

Our servers automatically backs up all your data on a daily basis, with a 30 day retention period and stored stored off-site.

In addition, we offer specialist incremental WordPress backup as part of our all AfterCare plans.

A complete solution

Hosting is included in our Business and Business Pro AfterCare plans

AfterCare Business and Business Pro plans come bundled with Fast VPS and Advanced VPS hosting respectively.

You won't have to worry about managing your website or hosting solution, and we'll always ensure you have more than enough power to spare.

Get a worry-free complete solution.

See all our AfterCare plans

Better e-mail

Avoid ending up in spam.

We include MailChannels superior SMTP proxy, massively improving your domain authority.

Advanced Cache

NGINX or LiteSpeed.

We fully integrate a powerful full-page cache with your website, ensuring leading edge load times.

GDPR Compliant

Proudly hosted in the UK.

We host from our London based server centre.

EU servers also available upon request.

Global CDN

Fast, everywhere.

We offer integrations with Cloudflare, Bunny, WPMU and more for when you need global reach.

No hidden restrictions

Unlimited e-mail addresses, databases and bandwidth

Only limit is your storage, which you can upgrade to unlimited for a truly no-limits hosting solution.

Unlimited e-mail addresses
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited subdomains
Automatic SSL Certificates included
Automatic backups
Illustrative. Servers providing free hosting to woman sitting on a box representing gifts to the world.
Giving Back

Charities get hosting on us

If you are a charity doing wonderful things to help humanity, get in touch.

We offer free VPS hosting to all registered charities, whether or not you have a site built by us.

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Giving Back

Got a question?

You may find the answer in our FAQ.

Here are the ones related to Hosting.

Our FAQ centre

Yes it is.

We stand by the quality of our server stack.

Our uptime agreement entitles you to claim back a percentage of the cost of your hosting, should the annual uptime fall below 99.9%.

Any work hours that may be required to remedy the situation on our end is also free of charge to you.

We haven't had any such situations to date.

Fail-over is a term used for services (in this case website server hosting) that have at least one duplicate running, ready to assume all work should the currently used one fail.

Basically, it means that we'll run at least one additional server with your content, providing you both with extra resources and in case one should fail, the other(s) will take over.

All servers in a fail-over configuration also have fail-over in their networking stack, so even in the event of a failure further up the chain, your website still remains fully functional while the techies fix the issue.

While we always give advice on which hosting solution is best for you (and entirely manage it for you with AfterCare), there are some situations where you may run out of system resources.

  • In the case of our Business tier, we can double the amount of available resources (taking you to 4 processing cores and 4GB of memory) for £4 per month, or move you to the Business Pro tier.
  • In the case of our Business Pro tier, it is unlikely that you would run into resource restrictions, as the servers automatically delegate more resources as needed, with only the memory fixed at 8GB.
  • If you exceed our Business Pro tier, your website has quite some requirements, and would benefit from a custom solution.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.

Essentially it means having a cut of one or more extremely powerful servers.

The wonderful part is that you can scale how big your cut of the server power is, adding more power as needed.

This gives you the flexibility to have the power when you need to, without spending throusands of pounds on dedicated hardware unless you absolutely need to.

If your website requires more than the bundled 10GB of storage, we can of course increase it to whatever you require.

We do pricing on a case by case basis, as some sites have static content that just takes up a lot of space yet we know the realistic maxmimum size (think product photography or videos) while others have storage requirements that need to scale with content (think blogs with lots of video and images, or websites that allow users to upload content).

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a hosting solution for static content such as images, video and some code.

The content is loaded on a global network of servers, ensuring that the content is delivered to visitors around the globe by servers local to them.

Prices range from free to several hundred pounds a month, depending on scope.

Yes, of course.

We can migrate entire cPanel instances or just your WordPress site and anything in between.

Please get in touch as soon as you know.

If you end up missing a payment we may terminate your account, but if you get in touch with us early, we might find a solution.

Yes, depending on your AfterCare plan, or if you don't have one the price might differ.

Daily backups are included with our Hosting services.

Incremental and second-layer backups are included in AfterCare Business and Advanced.

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