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Reach New Customers
Grow Your Business

Your website is more than just an online business card.

SEO is the best long term investment for your business.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Why SEO likely is the best long term investment for your business?

Most online journeys start on a search engine, and few people ever go past page one. According to Backlinko, most searchers will choose something in the top ten first search results, with the top one spot getting 31.7% of the clicks.

Being in the top 10 means everything, you simply won't be seen if you aren't.

That makes Search Engine Optimisation one of the best investments in your brand in terms of attracting new customers.

Being on page one gets you more exposure, visitors, leads, and trust.

Standing out in a crowded space

Long term organic growth

SEO is an investment, no one gets to the front page in a matter of days, especially not with contested keywords.

The importance of SEO can be summed up as the following five points:

Increase traffic to your site
Return on investment over time
Increase brand awareness
Having a good ranking improves trust in your brand
Don't forget, your competition is using SEO too
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SEO with a guarantee

Hire an agency that delivers

We don't do empty promises.

In a world where most people are just looking for the cheapest option, we have to make sure that you get the best service.

We get to know you, your company and your customers, form a holistic content and keyword strategy, and set goals.

You get to the front page, or we work for free

That's a promise we stand by.

Should we for some reason not get you to the front page within the agreed period (typically 9-12 months), then we work for free until we get you there.

The guarantee is available for our websites and only for agreed upon keywords.


Flexible pricing and a long term promise

You might be a startup or an experienced business, there might be heavier competition than expected, our SEO packages are made to reflect that.

Local businesses and charities


ex VAT / monthly
Up to 3 focus keywords per month
2 back-links to your website per month
SEO strategy and analysis
Market and competitor analysis

Your contribution:
All website content, including text and images.

We provide:
Direction and keywords to include, as well as guidance and advice along the way.

eCommerce and retail


ex VAT / monthly
Up to 4 focus keywords per month
Up to 3 back-links per month
SEO strategy and analysis
Market and competitor analysis

Your contribution:
You provide a draft of all written main content, write blog posts yourself and provide images.

We provide:
Copy-writing based on supplied draft, with included keywords as well as keywords to include in your blog and general advice.

Large scale eCommerce and business


ex VAT / monthly
Up to 6 focus keywords per month
Up to 4 back-links per month
SEO strategy and analysis
Market and competitor analysis

Your contribution:
Short draft of content and blog posts.

We provide:
Copy and blog post writing based on supplied drafts. We also provide quality stock photos based on your descriptions.

You approve all content before going live.

The backbone of your website

Northrook websites have technical SEO built in from the start

We create web design that takes SEO into account from the very start, and make it much easier for you to get started.

Read about our Web Design Services
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No conflicts of interest

It is our policy that as long as you are our client your competitors are not

That means we only have one client in a particular field with an SEO plan at a time.

This guarantees that we can devote all our best efforts to your business, and we won't be working with any of your competitors.

You have our full, undivided attention.

Don't have the budget or need for a dedicated SEO plan?

If you aren't ready for a 18 month commitment, or simply don't have the budget, we offer pay-as-you-go ad-hoc hours, and include some in our AfterCare plans.

Read about our AfterCare plans
Giving Back

Got a question?

You may find the answer in our FAQ.

Here are the ones for SEO.

Our FAQ centre

This depends on a lot of variables. For the most part it depends on competition, if you are in a field that has a lot of very big competitors it might be difficult but not impossible, but there's a reason we set an 18 month goal for any SEO project.

We are always open for a conversation and therefore we can sometimes find a compromise. So contact us and lets have a chat.

The competitive nature of SEO makes it a challenging field. This means that competition is fierce, so if you don’t keep working on your site, you might get overtaken. We can only guarantee page one on Google, and never spot number one, as it depends on many factors such as location, seniority of competitor sites, and if your competitors have ongoing SEO efforts, it will be a back and forth for top spot. We can however guarantee you page 1 in 18 months, if not, we work for free.

Long story short; yes.

It depends on the current situation, the distance, and the size of the project. In general we prefer to handle most things remotely, however, if the project warrants it we can make exceptions. Should you be in the vicinity, we decide this, to our offices in Southampton, UK, we can have an in person meeting free of charge. Should you be located further away or internationally you will be charged travel expenses and lodging.

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