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Professional, tailored WordPress Web Design

Websites designed to perform and convert.

We build professional websites with thoughtful design from the ground up.

No templates, ever.

Websites built to convert

Drive conversions and engage your visitors

Completely unique lead generating machines.

Our focus is on simplicity, ease of use, usability and accessibility with the most in-demand features like mobile responsive design, cloud hosting, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Amazingly good services, delivers on every promise.

Jan Rasmussen
Jan Rasmussen CFO, Stålkompagniet ApS
Decorative. Several devices strewn across a desk, illustrating the many devices we test with.

Designed for every platform

From desktops to mobile devices our websites are built to be responsive and work on any modern browser.

Whether visitors come from a smartphone, desktop or tablet, they will see a perfectly sculpted website that fits perfectly on their device.


We test everything on real life devices

While we do use software to test our web design, it is no substitute for a real life device. That is why we take extra care to test on real devices too, in order to ensure your website looks great on any platform.

No exceptions!

Website Pricing

We have a host of services to help strengthen your business

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Hosting only
AfterCare Essentials
Local businesses and start-ups

Foundational Website

ex VAT
monthly, recurring
monthly, recurring
Websites designed to generate direct contact leads and display your products and services professionally online.
Bespoke & Professional Design
Up to 5 content pages
Contact Form & Newsletter integration
Integrated or dedicated blog
Accessible Design
SEO ready code and back-end
GDPR compliant Cookie system
Visitor tracking and analytics
Professional Services & Retail

Professional Website

ex VAT
monthly, recurring
monthly, recurring
Integrates more direct conversion features; like paying for services, booking tables and filling out forms.
Everything from Fundational
Up to 12 content pages
Advanced Forms
Advanced search features
Payment portals
Customer and visitor portals
Social media integration
Reviews integration
eCommerce and retail

Bespoke Solutions

Larger sites that integrate management, provides deeper integrations of all feature, including external services.
WooCommerce integration
Deep tracking and analytics
Custom solutions
10-20 content pages
Dynamic page content
Advanced accessibility features
Advanced tracking and analytics
The backbone of your website

Elevate your website to new heights with a fast and reliable host

Your host and the quality of their servers is a massive factor when it comes to the speed of your website.

We offer market-leading hosting solutions to businesses and charities, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of our comprehensive AfterCare plans.

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Illustrative. Northrook representative giving code to a woman sitting on a box representing gifts to the world.
Charity or start-up?

We love giving back, rebate programmes available

If you are a charity doing wonderful things to help humanity, or a small start-up within your first year of operation, get in touch.

You may be eligible for discounts from 15% to as much as 100%.

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Giving Back

Got a question?

You may find the answer in our FAQ.

Here are the ones for Web Design.

Our FAQ centre

If you want more pages than we have listed in packages, not to worry, we'll factor it into your quote.

If you want more pages after the fact, these will be billed as ad-hoc hours or as part of your AfterCare plan.

We cannot offer a fixed price for subpages, as pages vary a lot in content and features.

Price estimates and quites will always be provided before we start working.

Yes, we do.

It depends.

If you have an AfterCare plan, we will make sure that your WordPress is updated and secure.

Yes, but ongoing SEO is a separate service, as is PPC ads.

It depends on the current situation, the distance, and the size of the project. In general we prefer to handle most things remotely, however, if the project warrants it we can make exceptions. Should you be in the vicinity, we decide this, to our offices in Southampton, UK, we can have an in person meeting free of charge. Should you be located further away or internationally you will be charged travel expenses and lodging.

Daily backups are included with our Hosting services.

Incremental and second-layer backups are included with AfterCare Essentials and above.


Yes, WooCommerce is our platform of choice.

We also do custom payment forms and portals.

Yes, we effectively work globally, as long as you can communicate with us in English or Danish, we're ready to help.

We are located in Southampton, England, and service the local area as well as remote clients around Europe.

We start by sitting down with our clients in order to get an idea of what they already have and what they want. During this process we will look into their business, as a way to learn more about our clients and possibilities. We then ask our clients if they have specific wishes to design, styles and colors they like. The next step is for us to determine the functionality of the website, this means we need to find out what the site needs to be able to do, as the client might need a FAQ section, an employment portal, or payment functionality. Once these things are handled, we do mockups to show the customer to know if we achieved their wishes. After that we give updates as we go on the progress, during the development stage we test on real hardware to ensure the site is mobile friendly, not just on smartphones but tablets as well. Once the site is delivered the customer has a timeframe to bring any inconsistencies or missing functionality to our attention, the timeframe is determined by our terms and agreements.

As long as you choose our hosting you are guarenteed an SSL (HTTPS) certificate. Apart from that all of our websites are created with the newset version of PHP supported by WordPress, and as long as you have an AfterCare plans we make sure it stays that way.

Depends, the scope and scale of the project will determine the price of the website, as a general guideline it depends on functionality.

Every website we sell comes with two hours of tutoring.

If you would like additional training, or want us to handle all content and security updates, we can do that ad-hoc or as part of an AfterCare plan.

You can. If you just want hosting, then feel free to contact us, as our hosting isn't tied to our webdesign services. Some of our services might have restrictions, such as SEO and AfterCare packages.

We can, however, the pricing might differ, you can pay our hourly rate, or you can subscribe to one of our AfterCare plans.

Yes, we can handle anything from updates, content management, to writing if your need it. You might want to have a look at our aftercare plans.

Yes, we even make it easy for you! We build the sites to make use of the Gutenberg editor built into WordPress which makes it easy for you to edit content.

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