Content within an <a> tag, most often text or an image.

For SEO, it is important to have descriptive anchor content. Non-descriptive text like "Read more.." should be avoided where possible, unless it in semantic context, such as within an <article> tag.

Anchor text is typically styled differently than body text, as an example, we use a different colour and bolder font, along with an underline.

Styling can be applied with CSS using pseudo-classes, the most common used are:

  • a:hover for mouse-over effects
  • a:visited for links that have already been visited
  • a:active when a click or tap is held
  • a:focus is not specific to a tags, but can be used to help keyboard navigation


<a href="">This is anchor content</a>

Note: When using an image within an a tag, if the visitor is using a screen reader, or if for any reason the image cannot be loaded, the alt text will be used. Search crawlers like Googlebot will also use the alt text.